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At Stephen A. Land LLC, I advise Georgia clients on the various legal steps involved in a child relocation case. If you are looking to move with your child to another state, or if you wish to contest child relocation, I can help.

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Filing an intent to move

In the past, a custodial parent could move out of state with his or her child with few if any repercussions. Today, many things have changed. The parent who intends to move must give a 30-day written notice of the intent to move. The other parent then must approve or deny the request. Before one parent takes his or her child out of state on a permanent basis, a petition for modification may be filed by either parent. Under Georgia law, moving or relocating is a ground for modification. However, just because it is a ground for modification doesn't mean that the judge will change custody.

If you are planning on moving out of state with your child, we can help you prepare a petition for modification. Additionally, we can provide legal support if you wish to contest a child relocation case.

Child's best interests

In a child relocation case, the court considers the move from a child's perspective: How will the move affect the child socially, educationally, and emotionally? How will visitation be affected? How will the move affect the child's relationship with other family members?

At Stephen A. Land LLC, I help parents make logical and commonsense decisions about moving out of state with their child. If a move could have a positive impact on the life of a child, I will do my best to provide the necessary legal support. However, if a move could negatively impact the child, I can help clients with contesting the decision.

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