Property Division

A Practiced Divorce Attorney Helps with Alpharetta Property Division Issues

Are you ready to divide your marital property?

Dividing a lifetime's worth of shared property can be a lengthy and difficult process.  You must determine the value of the items as well as trying to understand and deal with emotional ties you might have for them. This law firm helps you sort out what is important to you and tries to make sure you get a just result.  With a reputation for honesty and plain dealing, Mr. Land helps you get to the core of a dispute.  With more than four decades of experience dealing with property division and family law, he is prepared to put that knowledge to work for you.

Ensuring fair division of your marital property and assets

The distribution of property is one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce and you should be aware of the complexities involved with ensuring the distribution is fair.  Some of the cases Mr. Land has represented involve the following:

  • College funds: Many parents set money aside for their children's college.  But if that money is in an account with your name on it, it may be considered part of your assets. We can help you protect your children's funds in a fair way.
  • Retirement funds: Retirement funds are considered marital assets.  In order to come to a fair Alpharetta property division, Mr. Land offers sound legal advice about how to be handle your retirement accounts.
  • Stock and brokerage accounts: Accounts are common, especially among wealthier couples.
  • Pension plans, IRA's, & 401K Savings Plan:  There are various kinds of pension plans, including defined benefit plans.  Dividing the income from such plans can be complex and are always subject to the rules of the plan.

Fair division of complex equitable distribution of high net worth individuals

The distribution of property is one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce, but high-net worth divisions are often more complex. The firm has extensive experience working with the following:

  • Delayed compensation
  • Executive level income
  • Income properties
  • Business holdings
  • Significant assets & investments

Connect with Stephen Land's highly skilled financial experts to ensure fair and equitable division

Sometimes the division of property is so complicated, and the tax consequences so important, the use of financial experts or CPA's becomes necessary.  Even in mediated cases, the use of an expert is still required.  Assuming the marital estate warrants the expense, Mr. Land has a number of highly skilled financial experts willing and able to assist.

Qualified domestic relation orders (QDRO): A QDRO is a court order that avoids the payment of income taxes on the transfer of certain assets pursuant to a divorce.  They are authorized by the Internal Revenue Code and must be drawn with care.

Real estate: At one time, a couple's house was the most important, single asset, with the equity providing the lion's share of the property to be divided.  After the economic catastrophe beginning in 2008, that was no longer the case.  Selling your home might make things easier, but sometimes it's not an option when a mortgage far exceeds the sale price.  Who keeps the house and the debt (including an equity line) can be terribly vexing.  With the help of knowledgeable real estate agents Mr. Land has waded through these problems with a good deal of success.  In the event of a sale, both parties would need to agree on a realtor and some terms of sale or a court could force an agreement.  An appraisal is often required with the fee usually divided between the parties.

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