Paternity Orders of Legitimation

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Issues of paternity are becoming more and more common. In Georgia, an alleged father is not legally considered the father until he gets an "order of legitimation." Before a father can establish parental rights, paternity must be proven.

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When parents are unmarried

In Georgia, unmarried fathers must get an order of legitimation before paternity can be established. Even if a father's name is on the child's birth certificate, legal paternity is not established. Before paternity is established, a mother has automatic custody of the child.

Both parents can agree on paternity and the father's identity, which simplifies the process. However, if there are still questions regarding the identity of the father, a DNA or paternity test can be administered. Some judges insist on a DNA or paternity test even if the father agrees that he is the parent.

Paternity and related topics

There are a number of reasons why establishing paternity is important to fathers.

By establishing paternity, a father can seek child custody and visitation rights. After paternity has been established, the rights of unmarried fathers are similar of those of divorced fathers.

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Settling paternity, avoiding litigation

At Stephen A. Land LLC, I seek to help clients settle their paternity cases while avoiding litigation. Because paternity is so closely related to child custody and child support, it is not uncommon for a case to end up in court. I know first-hand that parents should know what is best for their children — not a judge or guardian ad litem that knows nothing about the family. I provide the legal support necessary to settle cases out of court, minimizing the negative impact on both children and parents.

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