Domestic Violence

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A former criminal defense attorney helps clients out of bad situations

Nothing is more destructive of a marriage than being in a relationship with an abusive partner. Whether the abuse is physical, mental or emotional, Stephen Land can enlist the support of the courts to try to deal with an abuser by a restraining order and court-mandated counseling. He is a former prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer and understands that there are both civil and criminal aspects to handling a domestic violence case.  Realistically and unfortunately, a court can only do so much.  If an abuser is willing to defy the orders of a court, a victim of abuse may need to seek the protection of a shelter or seek anonymity, an extremely difficult and painful thing to do.  Domestic violence orders of a court are called Protective Orders that can prohibit contact between the parties; providing Order may result in criminal prosecution for a felony.

The nature of domestic violence

Domestic abuse may come in a variety of forms.  There may be physical violence; the use of weapons such as a gun or knife; or there may be frequent and severe emotional or mental abuse. An abusive partner might also restrict financial freedom or hide or sell property.  Over the years Mr. Land has seen female victims of abuse with eyes and breasts as black as ink; knife wounds; gunshot wounds; and women driven nearly insane from controlling, abusive behavior.

In many cases there is a compelling need for professional intervention by counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists.  Violence counseling is available in many jurisdictions and is often part of a temporary or permanent protective order.  In a number of extreme cases of violence, for psychological reasons known to the medical literature in this field, a victim, almost invariably female, goes back to her abuser and the pattern repeats itself.  Too often, these cases end up in tragedy.

Mr. Land will secure all the assistance a court can give by separating you and your children from your spouse, former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or domestic partner.  He has had extensive experience dealing with domestic violence and has handled a number of very serious cases.  You will have the advantage of working with a divorce lawyer with the skill and knowledge necessary to help you get the maximum protection that the courts can provide.

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