Divorce Modifications

A Seasoned Lawyer Working with You on Alpharetta Divorce Modifications

A knowledgeable Fulton County family law attorney can negotiate a deal that reflects changing circumstances

People today are living in a time of sudden and massive changes — so shouldn't your divorce, child custody and support and alimony agreements reflect your current circumstances? At the law firm of Stephen A. Land LLC, the firm's dedicated lawyers help you modify your agreements to something more equitable as your living situation evolves. Attorney Land has more than 40 years of experience in helping divorcees modify their settlements so that they more fairly reflect their current state affairs. If you need a Marietta divorce attorney to assist with this process, turn to the firm with the reputation for success.

An experienced family law attorney can get you a better deal

The reasons for a modified divorce agreement may vary, but include changes in salary, different living circumstances or relocation to a different part of the country. When this happens, it may no longer be reasonable for you to have the same child visitation rights or have to continue to pay certain amounts in child support or alimony. Attorney Land and his team listen to your concerns and take action to attain a fair modification for you.

When you work with the law office of Stephen A. Land, LLC, you benefit from:

  • Experience. After more than 40 years practicing family law, Attorney Land knows what it takes to negotiate a better deal for you. Although the law is complicated, the bottom line is that you have the right to seek adjustments as your living arrangements change. Trust in him for fair Alpharetta property division, child support and custody settlements.
  • Honesty. A lawyer at Steven A. Land, LLC will inevitably earn a reputation for being open and honest at all times, giving you the confidence to move forward successfully. The attorneys are upfront about your chances to secure a divorce agreement modification and what your next steps should be.
  • Reputation. Attorney Land served Fulton and Cobb counties for decades and is known for the skillful way he handles all types of family law cases, including successfully amended divorce settlements that benefit his clients.

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Contact the experienced team at the law firm of Stephen A. Land LLC for more information on divorce agreement modifications. From their office in Alpharetta, the attorneys serve people throughout Fulton and Cobb counties in Georgia. Call the firm today at 404-550-1498 or contact a lawyer online to get started.