Child Support Modifications

Atlanta Child Support Modification Lawyer

In an economy where more people are getting pay cuts or losing their jobs, many fathers and mothers are finding it difficult to meet child support payments. However, through a child support modification, it is possible to change the amount a parent is required to pay. This can more accurately represent his or her ability to pay.

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What factors allow you to modify your child support amount?

There are many reasons why modifying child support may be appropriate. These are a few:

  • A substantial decrease in income or financial status of the payor spouse
  • A change in the financial needs of the child
  • Change in child custody

Requesting a reduction in child support

A mother or father can request a reduction of child support. This is becoming more and more common, as many parents are losing their jobs or receiving pay cuts. Just as initial child support determinations are made using Georgia's child support guidelines, the process for determining modifications is also based on this formula.

Modifications of child support may tie in closely with modifications of child custody and visitation. At Stephen A. Land LLC, I handle them all. Since 1972, I have been helping families in all family law matters, including modifications. Today, I help clients throughout the Atlanta metro area develop child support plans that benefit the child.

The Georgia child support modification process

The Georgia Child Support Guidelines are used in determining if a modification is appropriate, and if so, how much the amount can be changed. However, a judge can deviate from the child support guidelines if necessary. Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the judge, who can accept or deny modifications.

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