Child Custody Modifications

Child Custody Modifications in Georgia

Child custody laws make it clear: Continuing contact with both parents following a divorce is almost always in the best interest of the child. At Stephen A. Land, LLC, I work with divorced parents in seeking child custody arrangements that are workable for both parents while protecting and supporting the children's best interests.

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Criteria for determining child custody modifications

Changing child custody/parenting plan arrangements can have a huge impact on the life of a child. The Georgia courts look at a number of factors when determining if a child custody modification will positively affect a child:

  • Stability of each parent
  • Employment schedule of each parent
  • A child's emotional ties with each parent
  • Presence or absence of a support unit (including family, friends, etc.)
  • Capacity to provide food, clothing, medical care, education, and day-to-day needs
  • Willingness of one parent to encourage a close relationship with other parent
  • Each parent's past performance indicative of future performance

Just as these factors can help to determine if a child's best interests will be met in a child custody modification, there are a few factors that can kill a child custody case:

  • A history of family violence or child abuse
  • A criminal record
  • Substance abuse/drug use
  • Mental illness

It is nearly impossible to establish custody rights in a situation where the safety or well-being of a child is at risk. The courts often assign psychological evaluations of an entire family to determine if potential threats exist.

At StephenA.Land LLC, I have been helping families throughout the Atlanta metro area in family law matters since 1972. I aim to resolve child custody modifications in an efficient and straightforward manner. I strongly believe that the best interests of the child should always be kept in mind.

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