Atlanta Child Adoption Lawyer

The adoption of a new child is a joyous occasion. The adoption process, however, can be complicated, filled with waiting and paperwork. It's easy for prospective parents to feel overwhelmed or lose hope.

I have handled many adoptions in my 30 years of practice. Because I am familiar with the adoption process, I can guide you through it. If you want to adopt a child, call me, Stephen Land, for a consultation.

There are all sorts of adoptions. Among the types I handle:

  • open adoption
  • closed adoption
  • step-parent adoption
  • grandparent adoption

Termination of parental rights

Before any adoption can take place, the biological parents have to go through a termination of rights. This can happen voluntarily, as they do in most adoptions, or involuntarily. The only way that a parent can have his or her rights terminated against their will is by being an unfit parent.

If you have remarried, and your new husband or wife wishes to adopt your children, I can help. If the biological parent gives up the children voluntarily, it is usually only a matter of paperwork. If not, we can try for an involuntary termination. The courts, however, do not like to deprive parents of their rights. They give parents a lot of room before they will resort to a termination. I can only pursue that remedy if the biological parent, for example:

  • doesn't contact the child
  • doesn't support the child
  • has a serious criminal conviction
  • similar behavioral problems

Adoption steps

Once the termination happens, the prospective parents sometimes are required to go through a criminal background check and a home study. If the child is already a relative, the process is simpler than it is for a non-relative.

No matter what kind of adoption you require, having me on your side can simplify and expedite the process. Call me today to discuss bringing your new child home.