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Divorce is a stressful experience for everyone involved. Pursuing mediation is a way to alleviate some of that stress, as the primary goal is negotiating a fair and equitable custody, property division and alimony agreement. Stephen Land is a trained, licensed mediator who helps families get through the divorce process as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

Benefits of Mediation

The biggest and often the most difficult issues in any divorce are related to child custody and support, alimony and the division of marital assets. Mr. Land helps you and your spouse resolve these disputes in a mutually beneficial way, which allows both of you to avoid going to court.  This is particularly helpful when dividing any property you obtained while married, as you can work together to decide who gets to keep which items.  In most cases, mediation is a much better way to approach these issues than litigation.

Enlist the support of Licensed Mediator Stephen Land

When you seek Fulton County attorney Stephen Land's counsel, you have access to the following:

  • Dedication: Focused on all aspects of both family law and other civil disputes including, but not limited to division of property, custody, alimony and child support.
  • Professional Demeanor:  Mr. Land is proud of his reputation for being honest and straight-forward in his assessment and his advice. He keeps clients informed at all times, maintaining a calm, no-nonsense demeanor. His mission is to keep your mediation process on the right track.
  • Skills: He has had a great deal of experience handling hundreds of cases and effectively mediating a solution to the issues.

Successful legal experience put to work for you

Dedication, passion, and strategic solutions result in expeditious resolution to your family law conflicts. This North Fulton divorce lawyer gives compassionate yet candid advice to help families navigate the issues that arise during family law conflicts. When you work with Stephen Land, you benefit from his:

  • Experience. Stephen Land has handled a wide-spectrum of cases for hundreds of clients over the years that make him uniquely qualified to take on the most challenging cases. As a well-respected attorney with both judges and colleagues, he has legal acumen, and will thoroughly research issues involved in your case.
  • Straightforward approach. You can always expect and open, honest, and straightforward approach to your individual case. He will give you an honest opinion even when you might not like it.
  • Mediation is key. Stephen Land is a certified mediator for civil and family law disputes. He strongly advocates alternate forms of dispute resolution to help you avoid the stress and anxiety of going to court, and your time and money.
  • Dedicated advocate for children's rights. Stephen Land will never permit a parent to use a child as a bargaining chip or weapon, and if a client persists he will withdraw from representation.

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